Dooda Books

Dooda is an app for reading aloud picture books for kids. Furthermore, parents can also record their own voice while reading aloud for situations where they are not able to be physically present. For more information checkout One of my tasks at priorIT is to develop and extend dooda for future challenges.


From January to July in 2016 I’ve been working in the temporary project SQUASH (Surgical Quality Assessment in Gynecologic Laparoscopy) where I created a macOS application to easily create, share and extract annotation data from medical experts. Professional surgeons could use the macOS app “SQUASHly” to indicate errors in the operations using a well established error and evaluation system. The gathered data was then later used to train CNN-based classifiers to explore the possibilities for automatic identification of such erroneous parts of an operation.



From 2012 to 2015 I’ve been part in the Next-Generation Video Browsing Project (NGVB).  The goal of the project was to build on our earlier research regarding video browsing and 3D search interfaces and expand it to the domain of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. “Video browsing” is known as the interactive process of quickly navigating through the content of a video or video collection in an explorative fashion. In difference to video retrieval the purpose of video browsing is manifold: (i) get a quick overview of the content of a video and its structure, (ii) find out where potentially interesting segments are located, and (iii) interactively search for a specific part of content that cannot be found through video retrieval applications. Although many video browsing approaches have been proposed over the past years, there is great potential to significantly improve existing tools by exploiting features of modern mobile devices.